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Custom Furniture Manufacturing


When you have a vision and need help with execution, we’re here for you. We work with executives in hotels and resorts to create custom and commercial grade furniture to suit your needs. Our understanding of what it means for a furniture piece to be hospitality grade impacts every stage of the manufacturing process. High quality and high durability for high traffic areas is our standard. Furnishings are a key reflection of your establishment and the comfort and design directly impacts the experience of each guest.

Our facility is fully equipped with top-of-the-line machining capabilities. We use the best technology alongside our experienced craftsmen and thoughtful sourcing of quality material to replicate, duplicate and manufacture or repair any broken or missing parts, trims, moldings and much more. Every piece we create is crafted with the highest quality, accuracy and consistency you’d expect.

Our Furniture Custom Furniture Manufacturing

Our Furniture Custom Furniture Manufacturing


Let our experts bring new life into your FF&E without replacing them

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